The first drug test will be done in the clinic during your first visit. After that, we have a procedure that allows you to complete drug tests from home. Click here for more info. 

Almost all of Workit Health’s drug testing can be completed online and we send you the number of tests you need for free. Workit is a harm-reduction based program, which means that we see drug tests as an opportunity for dialogue rather than a punitive measure. If you’re ever confused as to why you have to test, reach out to your care team in the Workit Health app.

Here’s the nitty-gritty on why we test when we test:

At all Workit locations, including in the state of Michigan, we ensure our drug testing requirements meet local and state regulations. In Michigan, state regulations require us to have a drug test on file for you before we are able to prescribe medication. State law requires all drug testing to be randomized. You will receive a notification and text message when you need to test. You will complete weekly drug tests when you begin the program. You will need to test at least every two weeks for your first six months of care and then can transition to monthly tests thereafter.

We expect all members to drug test with us online through the app prior to follow-up appointments, in a frequency that is at least monthly but may be more frequent as you stabilize on medication.

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