Our HIPAA-compliant platform carefully safeguards member data. As individuals progress through the program, their struggles, strengths, and preferences become increasingly apparent. These data points are leveraged to personalize members’ experiences, tailoring content to match unique goals. Along with self-reported data, Workit members complete validated instruments to assess things like life-satisfaction, well-being, and relative risk for imminent relapse. We want our members to achieve concrete wellness goals, and we want them to do so in a way that feels subjectively meaningful. This balance between demonstrable, quantitative outcomes and individual felt success is core to our mission.

So to answer the question: Workit tracks what you look at, and for how long. Workit notices what does and doesn’t work for you. Workit carefully analyzes and stores the information you provide as you progress through core platform content. Workit then presents this information to you in a digestible format: our proprietary “thrive-meter.” At once a reflective interface (our thrive-meter pats you on the back and lets you know how you are doing), it is also a predictive tool — the constellation of data analyzed at the backend gives you insight into future challenges. With the “thrive-meter,” Workit Health offers a unique view into your brain health and substance wellness.

Finally, for a different audience Workit generates data on overall health, anonymizing and aggregating individual outcomes for presentation to employers, payers, and consumers.

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