Workit Health helps busy people fit evidence-based addiction treatment into their lives. The program is confidential and embraces all paths to recovery.

If you're ready to quit opioids with medication like Suboxone, then our program is for you. We help people moderate or quit drink with the medication naltrexone. 

People who are struggling with other substances, disordered eating, smoking, or process addictions like gambling and sex can receiving confidential online therapy support from our experts.

Workit is not effective in the presence of hallucinations/delusions, trauma/abuse, and self-harm/suicidal thoughts. We strongly suggest you find in-person support.

If you are in danger or have an emergency/crisis, the best thing to do is call 911.

You can also call the Crisis Call Center / National Suicide Hotline any time:


The Crisis Text Line provides free, confidential help via text message:

Text "start" 741-741

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