The Workit Clinic plan is for patients struggling with opioids. Opioids include prescription painkillers like oxycodone and percocet, morphine, methadone, or heroin. 

The Workit Clinic plan includes: 

  • A dedicated prescribing Workit physician who provides medical care via telehealth (video conferencing) 
  • Group therapy with a licensed counselor  
  • Support chat with Workit's medical and administrative team

Workit also offers two other plans:

• Workit Counselor: 

Includes 24/7 online access to a personalized digital program of evidence-based lessons for kicking addictions.
• Weekly one-on-one chats with a counselor to provide you with encouragement and support.

• Workit Coach: 

Includes the same engaging online lessons as Workit Counselor, and messaging with a peer recovery coach who has overcome addiction firsthand.

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